Your fast track towards a big breakthrough. Using a variety of techniques we'll uncover and clear the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns holding you back from making your dream life a reality.

Some of the areas in which my clients experience
lifechanging breakthroughs with transformation coaching:

Life Direction / Career

  • Finding your passion, true calling, or special gift

  • Turning your passion into a profession / viable career path

  • Creating an abundant money mindset


  • Finding love and/or a dream relationship

  • Rekindling passion in your relationship

  • Creating honest and loving communication

  • Healing from toxic relationships

  • Healing family dynamics

Physical / Mental Health

  • Finding the freedom to be yourself

  • Connecting with joy, peace, inspiration, satisfaction

  • Creating a fun, fulfilling and well-balanced lifestyle

  • Creating a healthy body image

  • Creating healthy habits with exercise, food, mindset and honoring rest cycles

How it works

I take great care to create a loving, non-judgmental and confidential space where you can explore your inner world. In our sessions together we'll discuss your desires and uncover the subconscious emotional and cognitive patterns at the root of your struggle to manifest your dream reality. It's a bit like therapy but with a focus on replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones. By shifting what holds your current unwanted reality in place, you will find all the answers you are looking for to feel confident, inspired, fulfilled and free to be your true, authentic self.

I offer


3-Month Packages


1-Month Packages

Sessions are weekly and typically last around 60-minutes until we've cleared the heaviest emotions. Then we shift to bi-weekly to give more time for life practice.


* Monthly payment plan available *


Combine Coaching
with yoga and mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness can enhance and compliment the healing work we do together in the coaching space.

Book a free gift call to chat about personalized options that can be tailored to expand on the work we do together in one-on-one coaching, or explore my existing classes and yoga programs.

"Six months ago, I discovered Veronika’s special talent: her magical blend of life coaching and yoga. Physically, I am the strongest I have ever been.  (At age 59, this is a small miracle!)


I have greater confidence, stronger boundaries, a clearer sense of self and what I want, and I am better able to relax, trust, and enjoy the flow of life.  I feel inspired and passionate — for the first time, I am living life “full-throttle.” All of this is a direct result of working with Veronika.


Through our personalized sessions, Veronika has come to know my body and my life, my hopes and desires, my challenges and stumbling blocks.  Employing a unique set of tools and resources (one of my favorites: human design), perceptive listening skills, and anecdotes from her own life, Veronika tailors each life coaching session to expose what's holding me back and to challenge, expand, and inspire me.  This talented woman then deftly integrates themes and ideas from the coaching session into the yoga practice, helping me to ground and integrate new concepts and ways of being on a physical level.


Veronika does all this with a freshness, enthusiasm, and authenticity that is both engaging and uplifting. Her passion for her work — and for life —  is contagious.  I come away from our sessions feeling affirmed, supported, energized — and wonderfully infused with a passion for life."

- Caroline (59)

"Veronika is an incredibly inspiring and insightful life coach. Her sessions helped me understand and overcome the root cause of my insecurity and anxiety, and to develop new and healthy habits to reinforce the concepts that I learned. As a result I have more energy, confidence, and compassion for myself and those around me."

- Anastasiya (30)



Get this easy-to-implement,
6-minute exercise

to kickstart your journey towards a life that has you feeling free, happy and confident to be your true self

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