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You know that living a fulfilling life is fundamental to your existence.

Manifest the life you desire by committing to a journey of personal growth.

Is this membership for me?

What's included in the membership?

Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur, avid athlete, passionate artist, or dedicated caregiver/educator, you know that living a fulfilling life is fundamental to your existence. You understand that in order to manifest the life you desire, you need to commit to a journey of personal growth - to find the courage to see your true self, and allow that self to show up, unapologetically, in all areas of your life.


What if you could give space to this authentic version of you to exist, by observing the mind and body, through movement and in stillness? By taking time out for yourself, to nourish that temple of yours, restore vital energy and step into life with your best foot forward?


The practice of yoga and mindfulness are powerful tools that can reveal to you what you’re made of and guide you on your path towards fulfillment. 


Each month in my online studio membership, we explore a specific theme designed to give you a little transformation, to peel back a new layer of the self, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or energetic.


You will receive new vinyasa and yin style yoga classes and mindfulness / self-reflection exercises to not only meet yourself where you’re at, but to become your own catalyst for change, and to live and breathe the inspired and meaningful life you desire, on and off your mat.


You will learn how to balance challenge with acceptance, meet adversity with strength as well as compassion, and harness your natural flow of pushing forward and pulling back. You will shed whatever fear has kept you from realizing that you already have everything you need within to create meaningful work, cultivate profound and loving relationships, and experience joy, passion, freedom and vitality.


All that is required is to be reminded to let that shine! That is the work we do on the mat.


In the membership, you will get access to a community of likeminded individuals, and ongoing support from a yoga teacher that shows up for more than just class. I care as deeply about your development as I do about my own, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you! I am committed to meeting you where you’re at today and growing together.


My friend, do you dare to see yourself? Take the leap and begin your journey today with a 7-day, free trial. Once you're in, don't forget to schedule your free 30-minute call with me to chat about your unique experience with yoga, your goals, and how yoga and this membership can best serve your journey of personal growth and discovery. 

Read below for a more detailed look at what to expect inside this membership:

  • New vinyasa and yin classes added each month, presented as "journeys" (follow the "suggested" path or choose individual classes to build a practice that suits your needs)

  • Bite-sized tutorials to help you refine, modify and personalize your home practice

  • Related exercises for self-reflection / mindfulness (can be used as journaling prompts)

  • Bonus "sneak-peek" class on the next month's topic

  • Life-time access to all of the classes ever uploaded (as long as you remain a member)

  • Bonus community Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback and connect with other yogis

  • Free access to select live workshops

  • Discounts on future courses and retreats plus priority to claim your spot

  • (optional) 20-minute virtual meet-up with yours truly, when you start your membership. Let's chat about your yoga experience, specific goals, doubts, questions, and whatever else is on your mind! I'd love to get to know you, and personally guide you through navigating the membership content so you can start off with what would best serve you!

  • Community live virtual meetups and Q&A sessions

Cost and Registration



$20 USD


$220 USD


* please note that if you are from the EU, VAT will be applied at your local rate

You will be able to cancel your membership at any time if it is not what you are looking for.

What kinds of classes are included?



The majority of classes in the membership are designed for all levels. That means that within any given class I will offer variations to modify your practice whether you are looking for more or less intensity. Obviously, I cannot offer every single modification out there and it may be the case that some classes simply will not be suitable for you in this moment. It is my hope that as we shape this membership together you will find plenty of classes that do work for you, and disregard the ones that don't.

Since most of the content will be presented as "journeys," the most challenging class will be at the end of the series, with all of the previous classes in that series designed to make the final class more accessible to you. However, within that final class, I will still offer options to modify the intensity.

Please note that "all-levels" implies a huge diversity of practitioners. While I will do my best to offer something for all, I am learning every day who you are and what your needs are, so I encourage you to keep me informed on how your practice evolves and what you are looking for!


The monthly topics will range from themes such as a peak pose to topics that are more conceptual such as vitality. All classes aim to increase flexibility, strength and mobility as well as cultivate self-awareness, mindfulness and growth.

For very specific topics that may not pertain to the majority, please stay tuned for special workshops and classes on my youtube channel. I want you to know that I am listening to your requests and although I may not be able to offer a class on your specific request right away, it is all in the queue. Lastly, I also share additional tips, modifications and specific tutorials on my youtube channel and in my community facebook group, so stay tuned.


*** If you have very specific needs such as an injury that prevents you from doing most yoga poses, you may want to consider private sessions instead of this membership and be sure to consult a physician before beginning any kind of exercise. ***




The classes in the membership will vary in length depending on the purpose of the topic and your requests. Some people have asked for longer classes, others enjoy a short one, so I want you to know, I've got you all covered!


The classes will all be vinyasa or yin style as that is what I am trained in. This may change someday if I acquire additional training. However, if you are looking for classes in other styles then this membership may not be for you. My vinyasa classes tend to be moderately paced and include strengthening, both passive and active stretching and mobility work, and breath awareness.



You do not have to do every class offered in the membership. Some of you may be here only for the vinyasa, others for the yin, and others will appreciate both. You will have lifetime access to all of the classes ever uploaded as long as you remain a member so you can always choose to go back to favorites or classes that you missed.

You also do not have to do the classes as a journey. Each class is also designed to be a stand-alone class. The progression is there for you if you wish to take advantage, but it is not necessary.

If you are looking for a variety of teachers than this membership may not be for you. I may occasionally invite guest teachers but the majority of the classes will be taught by me.

If you're not sure whether you jive with my classes head to my youtube channel and try some of the free classes I have available there.

Member Testimonials


"I love Veronika's membership for its balance of active lessons and information about the journey for each chapter. It's an amazing value for the amount, and the quality, of the content. I recommend it to my friends and students alike."


Paola Aguillon

Success coach and Argentine tango teacher

"I’ve been practicing yoga since 2003 and have encountered several different teachers during my yoga journey. Veronika’s yoga classes are some of the best that I’ve attended and I always feel physically and mentally rejuvenated at the end of them. Veronika does an exceptional job of providing modifications and suggestions for more challenging variations of poses, and she has a knack for “reading the room” in her live classes and then adjusting her instruction as needed. Because of all of this, I frequently recommend her live classes and online membership program to my friends and count myself lucky to learn from such a wonderful teacher."



"Am I happy? Yes. Have I changed? Yes. Vero brings clear instruction on technique, clear alternatives, beautiful and flowing Vinyasa classes, and an excellent introduction to, and development of, Yin. To flow. To stretch. To simply walk now on the sidewalks of my little town is a lesson, or its development in the body. Now I awake and think, what do I want to approach today? Flow? Contemplative Stretch? Something new. Perhaps a muscle in my body says “think of me.” Or there is the Mermaid pose, which I had some success with in her lesson early in the Studio Membership, but now, 8 months later, turning and returning to it, I can accomplish in all the variations offered. I have erased a shoulder injury brought on by boogie board, surf, and sand. The patience her teaching has taught me is one great blessing. I look forward each morning now to routine, new or well practiced. And I’m well aware that challenges remain. But with insight, self-awareness, listening, and some dedication they can be met."

- Michael Davis