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Should You Stay or Go?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Have you been wondering if it’s time to leave your job, relationship, or where you live? I hear this dilemma all the time, and am personally so very familiar with the excruciating way this uncertainty takes over your mind.

Let me start by sharing a perspective that I think will bring at least an initial sense of relief. If you’re still in the stage of wondering and the answer isn’t obvious, then no, it’s not time to leave yet. But here’s how to get clear on what direction is the right one so that you can release yourself from this limbo.

First of all, when it is the right time, you will not have to choose. Or at least you will not feel the resistance of potential remorse when you take some action that leads to change. You may very well have a sense of grief, but you will know that despite the weight of things changing, you did make the right choice.

That sense of questioning that you’re in now means there is something more your soul is seeking to learn from this situation, and it doesn’t want you to move on until you’ve learned it. So where do you begin interpreting the message that this situation is trying to spell out for you?

For me, it always begins with turning inwards. Your soul is always trying to get you to come home to that place where you remember your worth, power, and wholeness. Every situation that challenges this is just another attempt from your soul to show you what you are truly made of.

It’s common to do the exact opposite when things are not going well, and blame your partner, your job or where you live for why things are crappy. Although they may certainly be a part of it, putting all of your focus there is never going to lead you home to your place of true power. If you are to find that strong, confident, powerful version of you, who is in their dream relationship, job or place, you must confront the one that feels scared, undervalued, or disempowered in whatever situation you find yourself unhappy in.

When you meet that version of yourself who is feeling fragmented and giving their power away to circumstance, you have the chance to break through the real wall that’s keeping you in limbo.

By arriving into your sense of wholeness, you will look at your situation and see it through entirely different eyes. You will see if your partner, job or where you live was truly what was making you feel unhappy. And then you will know if it is time to leave. Because someone who stands in their power does not waste even one second more in a place that isn’t in full alignment with their true worth. And someone who feels their wholeness does not feel threatened by seeing how they themselves made someone or some thing else out to be the reason for their unhappiness.

So before you make a move, allow the feelings that this situation invokes inside of you to show you the cracks in your foundation so you can remember who you are in your best, and then let that guide you to take the right action steps.

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