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How We Can Practice Together


Hundreds of on-demand vinyasa, yin, and fusion classes to choose from, to fit your needs and schedule.


60-minute, vinyasa flow
for all levels, live on zoom on Fridays, 12PM Eastern Time


Tailor your practice to your individual needs. Sessions are done on zoom. Book a time that works for you.


A self-paced course with yoga classes and related tango exercises to tackle the tango dancer's struggles, such as balance, posture, fluid movement and more.


Online Studio Membership

Your companion for living an inspired life

Get energized with a new transformational journey every month through vinyasa, yin, and fusion classes, meditation, mindfulness exercises and yoga teaching that goes far beyond the mat.

Hundreds of classes to choose from for all different bodies.

$20/Month or $220/Year after trial is over.

Cancel at any time with no hassle.


Happy Members:


"I love Veronika's membership for its balance of active lessons and information about the journey for each chapter. It's an amazing value for the amount, and the quality, of the content. I recommend it to my friends and students alike."


Paola Aguillon

Success coach and Argentine tango teacher

"I’ve been practicing yoga since 2003 and have encountered several different teachers during my yoga journey. Veronika’s yoga classes are some of the best that I’ve attended and I always feel physically and mentally rejuvenated at the end of them. Veronika does an exceptional job of providing modifications and suggestions for more challenging variations of poses, and she has a knack for “reading the room” in her live classes and then adjusting her instruction as needed. Because of all of this, I frequently recommend her live classes and online membership program to my friends and count myself lucky to learn from such a wonderful teacher."




"Am I happy? Yes. Have I changed? Yes. Vero brings clear instruction on technique, clear alternatives, beautiful and flowing vinyasa classes, and an excellent development of yin. To flow, to stretch, to simply walk now on the sidewalks of my little town is a lesson.


I have erased a shoulder injury brought on by boogie board, surf, and sand. The patience her teaching has taught me is one great blessing. I look forward each morning now to routine, new or well-practiced. And I’m well aware that challenges remain. But with insight, self-awareness, listening, and some dedication they can be met."



Drop into a live class

Vinyasa Flow for all levels | Fridays, 12PM Eastern Time

*This is a donation-based class | you do not need to be a member to join!


Yoga for Tango Dancers

An online, self-paced course | Yoga classes and related tango
exercises designed to tackle the dancer's biggest struggles.



Beginner Yoga


15-Min Yoga Per Day

7 Days / Vinyasa Flow.

Practice when it fits into your schedule.


Yoga For Tango


15-min 3-Class Pack

  • Feet, Ankles & Calves

  • Stability & Posture

  • Twists for Torsion