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You've just taken your first step towards a more meaningful lifestyle!

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4 Things Every Aspiring Solopreneur Should Know About Starting a Lifestyle Business 

Before you quit your job!

1. You will need courage to define success on your terms


Society has conditioned us to define success through money and status, often at the expense of relationships, family life, health, and personal values. When you choose a conscious approach to designing your lifestyle and a business that supports it, you will need to define success through a more holistic view, taking into account other areas of life that contribute to your wellbeing, with finances being just one part of the picture.


Shifting your mindset from the one you’ve been practicing all your life takes enormous courage. Your conditioned mind and social pressure will try to resist this change, but with perseverance and commitment to your true self, you can overcome this challenge.


What are some ways in which you think you would feel successful beyond having money and/or status?

2. You will need to learn the art of balancing discipline with self-care

Being the boss of your own, authentic lifestyle business means getting to decide what your days will look like. This can feel incredibly liberating, but without a practice of self-regulation, this can easily turn into over or under working. Neither will lead towards optimal wellbeing. Finding a middle ground between keeping yourself on track, and knowing when it’s time to rest or focus on other areas of your life is essential for success (The type of success I’ve described above). If you’ve never worked for yourself, this skill will come with practice, self-awareness and self-reflection. While it may be a challenge at first, the process of honing your work habits to fit you and your life/work goals can be very self-empowering.


How do you envision your ideal work day?

3. You are signing up for a life-long soul search


Maintaining a solopreneurship that supports the type of lifestyle you desire means constantly being in tune with your needs and desires. And guess what? Those will change! Your business will inevitably grow and evolve as you do! When I was in my 20’s I wanted to travel and dance tango. I valued experiences over things. I had to re-evaluate my entire life and business in my 30’s when I started yearning for stability and comfort.


Choosing an authentic life and business over a soul-sucking one means you will always be tweaking things here and there as you get to know yourself deeper. Although this could feel like you're never "done," it's also one of the most rewarding parts of the whole experience! Being true to yourself, as you discover who that self really is, and strip the parts of you conditioned by society that don't really fit, is a transformative and healing journey. 

What are some of your current needs and desires that are not being satisfied or honored with your 9-5 lifestyle?

4. You will never feel ready to get started


Tons of people who know there is something more out there for them never even get started because they don’t feel ready. They believe they don’t have enough skills or money in their bank account to take the leap, or are stuck in analysis paralysis, afraid of making the wrong decision. The reality is that you will never know if you are cut out for solopreneurship until you get going. 


However, there’s a lot of foundational work you can do before quitting your job to ensure success and fulfillment. By getting to know your true values and desires, designing an authentic vision and achievable plan, building a support network, and prioritizing your wellbeing, you can overcome fears and roadblocks, and find the certainty that quitting your job will not be a mistake. Additionally, it can be helpful to learn from others who’ve gone before you. Working with a coach or mentor can take overwhelm out of the equation and get you on the road to freedom much faster than doing it alone.

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