La vida es una milonga,
hay que bailarla!


Few things in life have captivated my heart and soul like dancing tango has. Few things have also exposed my deepest insecurities, fears, and inner struggle like tango. It feels like the longest love & hate relationship I've been in, which has taught me more about life, myself, relationships, connection, passion and intimacy than anything else I've experienced.


I started dancing when I was 16. At that age I had no idea I'd be traveling all over the world dancing and teaching tango, studying with the world's best teachers in Buenos Aires, and eventually making Buenos Aires my home, where people from all over the world populate the social dance floors of the many tango night clubs from dusk to dawn.

As a tango teacher I always searched for that one piece of fundamental knowledge that would help my students really improve and open up all kinds of possibilities in their dance. Surprisingly this led me away from teaching tango and towards teaching yoga as I began to see that the deepest limitations were in one's own connection to and awareness of their body. As I began to study coaching I observed that yet an even deeper layer of limitation existed, which is that of mindset and one's own belief system.

Tango has a beautifully complex nature, as expansive as our own inner world. Because of this I approach teaching it from all of these angles. Read below for more on how we can work together.


Individual Tango &
Personal Growth Retreats
in Buenos Aires

You & Me.
We meet in Buenos Aires for your choice of 3 or 5 days
for a completely customized and transformational experience.

Retreat options can include:

private tango & yoga classes
one-on-one coaching sessions
tango night club outings
+ assistance with where to stay | what to see | navigating Buenos Aires

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"Two years ago, I started taking private tango and yoga classes with Veronika.  Her classes dramatically improved not just my dancing, but also my body awareness and how I move through life.  Six months ago, I discovered Veronika’s special talent: her magical blend of life coaching and yoga. Positive changes happened on all levels.  Physically, I am the strongest I have ever been. (At age 59, this is a small miracle!)  I no longer have chronic knee pain, lower back pain, or strained groin muscles.  My strength, control, and flexibility as a dancer have reached new levels.  I have greater confidence, stronger boundaries, a clearer sense of self and what I want, and I am better able to relax, trust, and enjoy the flow of life.  I feel inspired and passionate — for the first time, I am living life “full-throttle.”   All of this is a direct result of working with Veronika. Her passion for her work — and for life —  is contagious.  I come away from our sessions feeling affirmed, supported, energized — and wonderfully infused with a passion for life."

- Caroline (59)

Yoga for Tango Dancers

An online, self-paced course | Yoga classes and related tango
exercises designed to tackle the dancer's biggest struggles.

"Life was alright, but I had a few issues that I wanted to work through - specifically I wanted to apply life coaching to help me with some concepts that I struggled with in tango. When dancing I had trouble taking my space and struggled with shaky ankles. We were able to trace these physical problems back to certain insecurities, which Veronika helped me to overcome. I feel good about the progress I made with tango, but these sessions gave me so much more than I expected. I feel energized and excited about day to day life, and I feel so much more confident. Veronika is an incredibly inspiring and insightful life coach."

- Anastasiya (30)