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For Dancers

and anyone who wants
to feel like one!

Train your body and mind like a dancer!

Whether you're a professional dancer, dance enthusiast, or just want to feel great, reaching your goals is easier when you have a supporting practice to train your strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance, awareness and presence.

I'm here to to help you achieve this
from the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

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and Yin Yoga
Yoga for
Tango Dancers
Yoga Fusion Workouts
Livestream Replays

+ Over 300 classes to choose from for all levels

+ Find classes by duration, theme, body focus, etc. 

+ New classes added monthly

+ Comments/Questions section beneath every video

+ Save your favorite classes to build personal collection

+ Members receive discounts on in-person retreats

+ Free 7-Day Trial


ANNE (France)

"I would never have thought I could enjoy and connect to any online, long distant, virtual approach and it's actually been the most committed and fruitful yoga experience I had over the last 10 years. I think that it has a lot to do with you, your spirit, and your energy that I can sense and connect to, despite the ocean between us and the fact that we never met. Connection is one of the keys, right :-) ? Thank you for everything you are sharing, with so much sensitivity and deepness. It really changed my life!"


"I’ve been practicing yoga since 2003 and have encountered several different teachers during my yoga journey. Veronika’s yoga classes are some of the best that I’ve taken and I always feel physically and mentally rejuvenated at the end of them. Veronika does an exceptional job of providing modifications and suggestions for more challenging variations of poses. I frequently recommend her live classes and online membership program to my friends and count myself lucky to learn from such a wonderful teacher."


"Am I happy? Yes. Have I changed? Yes. Vero brings clear instruction on technique, clear alternatives, beautiful and flowing vinyasa classes, and an excellent development of yin. To flow, to stretch, to simply walk now on the sidewalks of my little town is a lesson.


I have erased a shoulder injury brought on by boogie board, surf, and sand. The patience her teaching has taught me is one great blessing. I look forward each morning now to routine, new or well-practiced"


  • Do I need to have prior yoga / body conditioning experience to join?
    No. I have classes for every level, including total beginners who have never practiced yoga or worked out before.


  • Do I have to be a tango dancer to join?
    No. Although I have a dedicated section for tango dancers, the majority of the classes are geared towards all kinds of dancers as well as non-dancers.

  • What kind of dancers will benefit from this membership?
    All kinds! Whether you dance tango, salsa, bachata, hip hop, heels, jazz, or any other kind of dance, these classes are designed to improve your strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance, awareness, presence, emotional stability, and connection, as well as facilitate rest, recovery and a healthy, conscious lifestyle.

  • Is this membership only for dancers?
    No. It's for anyone who wants to feel great by cultivating a deeper connection with their body and mind, and become strong, flexible and graceful like a dancer.


  • I have a lot of experience with yoga and fitness. Will these classes be challenging enough for me?
    You will find classes for every level, including intermediate and advanced, as well as classes meant for all levels where I give options to intensify your practice if it feels accessible to you. However, you will not find handstands and other advanced inversions or calisthenic options in here. If you already have any of these in your practice you are always welcome to pause the video and include them on your own.


  • Will my credit card be charged if I cancel the membership before the free 7-day trial ends?
    No. If you decide this membership is not for you and cancel before the 7-day trial is over you will not be charged. You can cancel any time with no questions asked.

  • How will I know where to start?
    There is no beginning or end to this membership. Simply use the filter feature to choose a class for your particular interests and needs or scroll through the categories. You can choose by duration, theme, style, focus, and more. If you're brand new to yoga or just getting back to it after a long pause, I recommend starting in the total beginners section. Once you've taken a class you can start building a collection of your favorites by using the "favorite" button. If you're searching for something specific you can also always reach out to me for my personalized recommendations.

  • What styles of yoga will I find in this membership?
    The majority of the classes in this membership are vinyasa and yin style practices. You will also find my signature yoga fusion workouts which are a blend of vinyasa yoga, pilates, mobility, barre and functional strength training. Vinyasa is an active style characterized by shorter holds and linking breath to movement to create a flowing, dance-like practice, where transitions from pose to pose are just as important as the poses themselves. Yin is a passive and introspective style characterized by longer holds and minimal muscular effort to target the joints, fascia, and connective tissues so as to increase flexibility and release tension.

  • I have injuries that make some yoga poses difficult for me. Will I be able to do these practices?
    I tend to offer many modifications so the classes can suit different types of bodies. You are always welcome to use my suggested modifications or your own. I also always emphasize using your body as your guide first and foremost. However, I cannot give every modification out there in one class, nor do I know what you are personally going through, so it may be that some of the classes are not ideal for you. If you find that you have to modify a lot, you may benefit from private sessions more than this membership.

    If you have any further questions please contact me.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

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