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Date: April 12-19th, 2025

10 spots Available


The Highlights

  • 8 Days / 7 Nights Tango Retreat in Buenos Aires
    An immersive tango experience for women, taught and curated by female duo Diana Cruz and Veronika Kruta.


  • Following Workshops with Professional Dance Partners
    Improve your following in tango workshops during which you will be partnered by highly skilled, professional leaders from the Buenos Aires tango community.

  • Private Practica with Professional Dance Partners
    Practice your following with our team of professional leaders from the Buenos Aires tango community.

  • Leading for Ladies Classes
    Learn the leaders role and also improve your following by studying tango from the other side of the embrace.

  • Daily Body Conditioning Classes
    A mixture of Veronika's signature yin, vinyasa, and yoga fusion style classes and Diana's signature tangotensegrity classes.

  • Milonga Outings
    Dive into the Buenos Aires milonga scene with personalized recommendations for your taste and needs. (our team of professional leaders will join for two outings (included in the retreat), and can be hired for extra outings for those who are interested and have the budget.

    Traditional Argentine Asado (BBQ)

    Delight in a traditional Argentine BBQ experience (vegetarian and vegan options will be available) for a final group dinner during which we'll share our experiences from the retreat

  • Pre-Trip Virtual Group Meetup & Essential Info Session
    Meet fellow participants + get extra support with all things to prepare ahead of time

+ tango shoe and clothing shopping excursions, site-seeing outings, guidance for dining, massages & self-care, and anything else you want to know about the city or the tango scene!


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For a detailed insight into the trip highlights


The retreat venue is a boutique tango guest house, called La Maleva, owned by a tango dancer and managed by a friendly and helpful staff.

It is a gorgeously remodeled historical home, conveniently located in the Almagro neighborhood, close to many milongas and cute cafes.

The house includes comfortable and modern bedrooms, a shared and well equipped kitchen, spacious living room, rooftop terrace and a dance studio which guests can use to book additional private lessons or practice sessions and attend additional events and classes hosted there. All bedrooms have a safety deposit box and air conditioning.

La Maleva can provide taxi service from the Buenos Aires EZEIZA airport, and breakfast upon request.

We will have the entire house reserved for our group. Each room is unique and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Rooms with the option of 2 twin beds are initially reserved for double occupancy but will become available for single occupancy if not reserved by January 15, 2025. The double occupancy rooms include the Carlos DiSarli Room and the Juan D'Arienzo Room.


Go to La Maleva's website to see details and photos of each room >>

About your Hostesses


Veronika and Diana first met in 2012, when Veronika invited Diana and her then partner, Nick Jones, to teach in her hometown in Massachusetts.


A bundle of nerves, as it was her first time organizing, Veronika went a little over the top and turned what could have been just a couple of workshops into a weekend full of milongas and other festivities, featuring Nick and Diana.


To all of their surprise, the event was a huge success.


After this first experience together, Diana invited Veronika to help her and Nick organize their signature event, the NaturalTango festival in Denver, Colorado.

What ensued was many more years of collaboration in bringing to life creative, magical ideas that inspired and connected dancers from all across North America and beyond.

Throughout these years, Diana and Nick became one of Veronika's most influential teachers and mentors.


In the final year of the NaturalTango fest, Diana and Veronika took their first stab at teaching together, a sold-out workshop, teaching women the leaders role.

When the pandemic hit and many of us shifted to the online space, Veronika and Diana taught a series of workshops together, called Tango Body," that consisted of body conditioning and tango technique to help dancers increase their body awareness and understand the mechanics of movement in the context of tango. 


Milonga Outings

Explore the diverse milonga scene in Buenos Aires as a group or venture off on your own with our personalized recommendations. Many milongas will have live orchestras and performances.

Our team of taxi dancers will accompany us for some of these outings so you're guaranteed to dance to your heart's content! During these outings we offer plenty of tips for getting cabaceos and how to navigate milonga etiquette and customs that are specific to Buenos Aires.

Tango Workshops

And practice with professional dance partners


Work on your role as a follower by partnering professional dancers from the Buenos Aires community in workshops taught by Diana Cruz and Veronika Kruta. All levels are welcome. We build our classes from the basics and work our way up towards more challenging options for those who feel ready to advance.

Each dancer in our team of professionals is carefully selected by us. We work only with the highest quality dancers with years of experience, who are also friendly, encouraging, and give useful feedback. 


Body Conditioning

A blend of Veronika's vinyasa, yin, and signature yoga fusion body conditioning for dancers, and Diana's tangotensegrity conditioning.


These classes will take care of your body so you can keep up with all the dancing, and increase your body awareness to aid your tango learning process.

They are suitable for all levels and body types. No prior experience is necessary to participate.

Leading Classes

Study tango from the other side of the embrace.


Improve your understanding of the following by exploring the leader's role in a supportive environment where you'll get to dance with your fellow ladies!

No prior leading experience is necessary but we will offer adequately challenging options for those who already have some leading under their belt.


Freguently asked Questions

  • Do I have to have prior tango experience to participate?
    Yes. This retreat is geared towards dancers who have taken tango classes before and have at least some experience attending practicas and/or milongas.

  • Do I have to have prior body conditioning experience to participate?
    No. The body conditioning classes will be suitable for a variety of bodies with options for newbies and experienced practitioners alike


  • Can I skip the body conditioning and come just for the tango?
    All activities on this trip are optional. However, there are many other tango retreats that don't include body conditioning and one of the unique aspects of this one is our conscious approach to tango which is based on a fundamental understanding of the body and how it moves.

  • Will there be time to book private lessons?
    Yes. There will be ample time throughout the retreat to schedule private lessons or other activities that are not on the itinerary.


  • What if my husband/partner wants to join me in Buenos Aires?
    While the retreat classes are explicitly for women (with the exception of the assistant dancers who are men from the Buenos Aires community), your partner can certainly join you in Buenos Aires. There will be plenty of free time outside of the classes and you are free to go to any milongas with whomever you wish! There are several rooms at La Maleva that can accommodate couples).

  • How much do things cost in Argentina?
    The exchange rate fluctuates often but always in the favor of the US Dollar, so things will certainly be cheaper in Buenos Aires than they are in the US or Europe. We will keep you updated on the latest rates before the trip, but to give you an idea, dinner at an average restaurant will cost around $20USD, milonga entrance around $5, taxi to a milonga around $3-7. 


  • Am I too young/old to join?
    No. All ages are welcome to join. We take great care in creating an ambiance in which everyone feels welcome. Milongas in Buenos Aires have a lot of diversity in age. There are milongas that are friendly to all ages and others that tend to veer in one direction or the other. If you are looking for a particular type of experience, the benefit of joining this trip is that you will have our guidance in which milonga to choose based on your needs, or you can join the milonga outings with the rest of the group.

  • Will I get asked to dance at the milongas in Buenos Aires?
    There are a lot of factors that determine this such as how well you cabaceo, the type of milonga you go to, how friendly you appear, whom you are looking at, etc. In our initial welcome meeting, We will give you a detailed insight into how to ensure that you're not sitting out during your time on this trip. Our assistant dancers can also be hired for additional practice at milongas or private practice sessions!

  • Should I arrive a day or 2 early and/or stay a day or 2 after?
    We've already scheduled these "buffer" days into this retreat. The core activities will happen on the 6 days in the middle. The first and last days of the retreat are going to be relatively open to account for various arrival/departure times. If you wish to come earlier or stay later that's entirely up to you but be prepared to at least arrive on day 1 and leave and day 8 of this retreat.

  • Do I have to know how to speak Spanish?
    No. While it's certainly helpful to have a bit of language proficiency when you are traveling to a Spanish speaking country, it's not necessary. The classes on the retreat will be taught in English and your retreat guides are both fluent in Spanish and can help with any language needs throughout the trip. All of the assistant dancers we have chosen speak and understand English as well.


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask! 


Sample itinerary

This is a tentative schedule subject to changes. Any time that is not on this schedule is going to be relatively open and flexible for booking private lessons and massages/bodywork, shopping, site-seeing, dining, going to milongas, and anything spontaneous and magical that pops up as a possibility!   

Saturday 4/12


Arrival / Check-in

5:00-6:00pm > Orientation

- group dinner outing -


Sunday 4/13


12:15-1:15pm > Body Conditioning [Yoga]

1:30-2:30 > Tango [Leading]

- lunch break -

4:00-5:30pm > Tango [Following w/ taxi dancers]

-  milonga outing with taxi dancers -

Monday 4/14


12:15-1:15pm > Body Conditioning [Tangotensegrity]

1:30-2:30pm > Tango [Leading]

- lunch break -


- dinner & milonga outing options -

Tuesday 4/15


12:15-1:15pm > Body Conditioning [Yoga]

1:30-2:30pm > Tango  [Leading]

- lunch break -

4:00-5:30pm > Tango  [Following w/ taxi dancers]

- dinner & milonga outing options -

Wednesday 4/16


Free day

Shoe shopping / private lessons / massages / site-seeing

-  milonga outing with taxi dancers -

Thursday 4/17


1215-1:15pm > Body Conditioning [Tangotensegrity - Diana]

1:30-2:30pm > Tango  [Leading]

- lunch break -


4:00-5:30pm > Tango  [Following w/ taxi dancers]

- dinner & milonga outing options -

Friday 4/18


12:15-1:15pm > Body Conditioning [Yoga]

1:30-2:30pm >  Tango  [Leading]

- lunch break -


4:00-5:30pm > Practica [w/ taxi dancers]


- Asado & Milonga Options -

Saturday 4/19


Check-out / Free Day

Pricing & Registration



General Public: $1,745 + (Room Fee)

On-Demand Yoga Members: $1,645 + (Room Fee)

Returning Participant: $1,645 + (Room Fee)

Returning Participant + On-Demand Members: $1,545 + (Room Fee)


Rooms at La Maleva Tango Guest House range from $40-$90 night. Some can be shared for as low as $30/night per person. Each room is unique and is available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Please go to La Maleva's website to see photos and details of rooms.


Your total retreat cost will be whichever retreat rate you are eligible for, PLUS whichever room you choose at la Maleva for the 7 nights of the retreat.



Private Lessons

Additional practice time or milonga outings with taxi dancers

Tango Shoes / Clothing

What’s included:


  • 4x tango seminars w/ taxi dancers (1.5hrs each)

  • 1x practica w/ taxi dancers (1.5 hours each)

  • 5x body conditioning classes (1hr each)

  • 5x leading classes (1hr each)

  • 2x milonga outings with taxi dancers (1.5hrs each / includes your admission)

  • 1x Asado (Traditional Argentine BBQ)

  • Pre-trip virtual meetup & info session

  • Retreat Guide


What’s not included:

  • Airfare 

  • Meals (other than asado)

  • Taxi Fares

  • Additional Milonga Admissions

  • Airport Transfer

  • Room Fee (This is to be paid directly to La Maleva)

  • Additional hours of practice with the taxi dancers



Your registration form + $800 deposit of your retreat fee is required to secure your spot.

Only 10 spots available so don't put off reserving yours!


Remainder of Retreat Fee Due by January 15, 2025

Your room fee is paid directly to La Maleva. La Maleva requires a deposit of $100USD paid by paypal. The remainder is paid upon arrival in cash. You will receive instructions for booking your room via email after you have submitted your registration form and paid your retreat deposit. Rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Refund/Cancellation Policy:


Until February 15, 2025 - Full retreat fee refund minus $100 registration fee or you may choose to transfer your spot to someone else found by you.


February 15, 2025 - March 1, 2025 - Full retreat fee refund minus your $800 deposit or you may choose to transfer your spot to someone else found by you.


After March 1, 2025 - No refund but you may choose to transfer your spot to someone else found by you.


In the unlikely event that we would have to cancel the retreat at any point you will get a 100% retreat fee refund or the option to apply your payment to a future retreat.

Waiting List:


In the event that all 10 spots are filled, we will create a waiting list in the order of when we received your request. Should anyone cancel their reservation you will be contacted and given the option to take their spot before we re-open registration to the general public.

Other Retreats


February 19-26, 2025


February 28 - March 5, 2025

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