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I work with people who seek the freedom to be themselves, to feel confident, joyful, and at peace in mind and heart. Who deeply desire happiness, inspiration and prosperity in all areas of life.


Yet, maybe something holds you back. Perhaps you feel stuck, lost, uncertain, afraid of change, or doubt your ability to make the right decision.


Maybe you're tired of "figuring it all out," or feel like you've tried everything and nothing has changed. 

passion and


Veronika Kruta: Breakthrough Specialist,

Yoga and Life Passion Coach


As a breakthrough specialist, I am here to facilitate your journey of transformation.

To uncover limiting beliefs, rewire emotional patterns, and help you connect with your authentic self so your inner guide can lead you to your best life.

Are you ready for a huge breakthrough?
Here's how we can work together:



Your fast track towards self-understanding. We'll use a variety of techniques to clear the limiting beliefs behind difficult emotions and replace them with empowering ones.


Yoga and

Cultivate a deep and authentic relationship with your body, mind, and soul.
I offer vinyasa and yin yoga classes and meditation for every type of body.  


"If you want to strengthen your body, gain a deeper understanding of your true nature and life purpose, expand your possibilities, ignite your inner fire, and live passionately from a place of authenticity, then work with Veronika. The potent combination of her life-coaching and yoga sessions will change your body and your life for the better."

I have greater confidence, stronger boundaries, a clearer sense of self and what I want, and I am better able to relax, trust, and enjoy the flow of life. I feel inspired and passionate — for the first time, I am living life “full-throttle.”

- Caroline (59)





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My Story in a

My life has taken me on a wild journey from pursuing my biggest dream of becoming a professional tango dancer, burning out in the hustle to become "somebody," and finding myself completely lost, fearful, powerless, and a shell of the person I used to be. I could barely laugh any more, and anyone who knows me well will tell you my laugh is the first thing that announces my presence.


I had my heart broken several times along the way, and felt like I would never find passion in romance or in my career ever again. I hit rock bottom.


But bottom was the sign I needed to begin repairing my broken heart and soul. I reunited with my authentic self through yoga and meditation, sought guidance from coaches and mentors, healed my relationship with tango, and finally, have come home to my true calling of empowering others to find their way when everything feels upside down.


Alongside life passion coaching, I continue to teach yoga and tango, often letting my experience in each of these fields inform the others.

A few words of empowerment for you:

Below is some of my latest food for thought 

Why You're Valuable Just

Because You Exist

What it Really Means

To Let Go

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What Life Looks Like
On The Other Side

I know just how scary and lonely life can feel when nothing seems to be working. But let me give you some hope. Finding the right guidance lead me to a life I love that I never knew was possible. I've never felt more confident, free to be myself, fulfilled by my career, and truly happy with my relationships.


Does life still throw some curveballs at me? Yes, absolutely. But I feel so much better equipped to learn and grow from those experiences, to move on with grace, and to trust my heart and soul on this journey of personal discovery. I know you can find this too!

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