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5. You will need to start discerning “It’s not right for me” from “it’s new to me”


Both the feeling of something not being right for you and something being new to you can be described as discomfort. Discomfort is felt through sensations in the body, a cognitive shift, and changes in your nervous system.


Going into solopreneurship, you will inevitably encounter a lot of discomfort while things feel new. But if you listen closely to your body’s signals, you will notice that the discomfort of something being new and unpracticed is not the same as the discomfort of something being “not right for you.”


You are probably doing a lot of things now in your life that don’t feel right for you, and it’s uncomfortable, but you’ve learned to ignore that feeling because, “it’s what you have to do,” right?


Well, my friend, if you’re going to start living life more authentically, it’s time to trust that feeling. Don’t let the voices in your head or social pressure override what you feel deep down inside is or isn’t right for you.


This is one of the most important sensibilities to develop in order to create a conscious lifestyle and you can start doing that right now.


What are some things that currently don't feel right for you? What are some things that feel new for you?

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