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If you feel a calling to lead a not-so-conventional life, one that’s aligned with your true values and honors your wellbeing, but you're not sure how to go about it, then I’m so glad you’ve landed here!


I help aspiring Solopreneurs design an authentic lifestyle business so they can quit their 9-5 and live a more balanced, and meaningful life. 


Whether the idea of living life on your terms seems like a pipe dream, or you’re already taking steps towards making it a reality, I’m here to help you navigate this transition.

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4 Things Every Aspiring Solopreneur Should
Know About Running a Lifestyle Business

Work with me One-on-One:


Conscious Lifestyle & Business Design /
Holistic Wellness Coaching

Some of the ways in which I help my clients achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle include:

Work through fears and limiting beliefs

Shift negative emotional patterns

Identify strengths, core values, and true desires

Create a personal vision and achievable plan

Manage challenges and setbacks

Prioritize holistic wellbeing

Build a support network

Cultivate a success mindset

In addition to a path of self-discovery, necessary for creating a business that supports the lifestyle you’d like to have, here are a few of the practical ways in which I help my clients launch their business:

Create your brand and supporting graphics

Build an online presence (website & social media)

Marketing basics & how to do it authentically but effectively

Connect you to additional relevant resources & mentors

A bit about my approach:

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I’ve been running various lifestyle businesses for the past 15 years that have grown and evolved as my needs, desires, and experience have. I’ve experimented with a lot of approaches and learned from many mentors, been through tons of challenges and also many successes.


I’d like to say that I have the “proven framework” to get you to where you want to be, but that statement repeated by so many coaches and experts, has never worked for me. What feels more honest and fitting is saying that I have a huge toolbox, tons of experience, and a knack for understanding people and their individual stories, that all inform my approach for helping you design the framework that is right for you. It’s about living more authentically after all, isn’t it?


My approach is based on the understanding that every person is unique and in a different place in their life, and that means your needs, desires, and what you are able to allow into your life at any given moment will be entirely unique. I’m here waiting to pull out the appropriate card that will help you find the answers, get you on the road to progress, and cheer you on as you cross the finish line.

Client  Love

"Six months ago, I discovered Veronika’s special talent: her magical blend of lifestyle coaching and yoga. Physically, I am the strongest I have ever been.  (At age 59, this is a small miracle!)


I have greater confidence, stronger boundaries, a clearer sense of self and what I want, and I am better able to relax, trust, and enjoy the flow of life.  I feel inspired and passionate — for the first time, I am living life “full-throttle.” All of this is a direct result of working with Veronika.


Through our personalized sessions, Veronika has come to know my body and my life, my hopes and desires, my challenges and stumbling blocks.  Employing a unique set of tools and resources (one of my favorites: human design), perceptive listening skills, and anecdotes from her own life, Veronika tailors each coaching session to expose what's holding me back and to challenge, expand, and inspire me.  This talented woman then deftly integrates themes and ideas from the coaching session into the yoga practice, helping me to ground and integrate new concepts and ways of being on a physical level.


Veronika does all this with a freshness, enthusiasm, and authenticity that is both engaging and uplifting. Her passion for her work — and for life —  is contagious.  I come away from our sessions feeling affirmed, supported, energized — and wonderfully infused with a passion for life."

- Caroline (59)

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