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A 5-Day Yin Yoga Series
for teachers, care-takers, entrepreneurs,
or anyone who needs to recharge their batteries
July 11-15, 2022
10-11am Est

If you're someone who dedicates most of their waking hours to being in the service of others, it's essential to recharge your own batteries from time to time, so that you can keep on doing that important work you're doing!

When you accumulate a lot of yang energy from being active, working hard, running around, and efforting, it's easy to burn out, feel depleted, and/or unmotivated. Sometimes we get used to the constant tension in the body and can't even remember what it feels like to relax.


Yin yoga is designed to bring your body back into a natural harmony by balancing out these yin and yang energies.


It's a passive style of yoga in which there is little to no muscular effort. The focus is on softening tension, and allowing time and gravity to gently stretch and rejuvenate the fascia, connective tissues, and joints.


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin yoga is also said to balance out the meridians or energy channels, which can become "clogged" when the body is out of balance, often contributing to that worn-out feeling. The poses in yin yoga stimulate these meridians, helping to restore the body's vital life force energy.

You do not need prior yoga experience to attend these classes.


I offer a variety of options in each pose to suit different bodies and needs.

Suggested Props:

- blanket
- pillows
- yoga strap (can be replaced w/ belt or scarf)
- 2 yoga blocks (can be replaced with books)
- yoga mat (can be replaced with soft carpet, towel or blanket)

​Wear comfortable clothing.

If you cannot make it to a class live, replays will be available until July 22nd, or get ongoing access to all sessions plus a library of over 200 on-demand yin and vinyasa classes in my online studio membership.


Non-Members: $60USD (includes all live class + replays until July 22nd).


Online Studio Members: Included in your membership (You do not need to pre-register / zoom links are listed inside the membership section titled "Healing Burnout."

Group Discounts For Schools/Businesses: If you are an institution and would like to offer this program to your employees please contact me to discuss group discount options.


A bit about your teacher

Veronika empowers soul-seeking individuals to cultivate a deeply authentic relationship with their body, mind and spirit through yoga, meditation and transformational coaching. Her yoga & meditation training includes a 200hr RYT Certification in Vinyasa Yoga, 30hr Yin Yoga/Meditation and 20hr Yoga Anatomy Certification from Yoga Medicine, and 10hr Yoga Anatomy & Integration Certification from Yoga International. She is also a certified Freedom Formula Facilitator and Level 2 Human Design specialist from the Quantum Alignment System. When she’s not practicing yoga or coaching, Veronika can be found dancing Argentine Tango at various nightclubs in Buenos Aires, traveling, and laughing louder than anyone you’ve ever met.

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