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Daily Milonga & Practica

This is a mix of my general recommendations so please consult me for more personalized information.

If you want any additional milonga options you can check out This is a listing of all milongas and practicas in Buenos Aires. However, it will not describe the ambiance and other details as I have listed here for my recommendations. 




Time: 10:00pm-3:00am (pre-milonga class > 8:00-10:00pm w/ varying teachers,)

Venue: La Comedia

Address: Rodríguez Peña 1074

Neighborhood: Balvanera (Go by taxi. Better to use an app to call a car back. Can get a taxi on Sante Fe and Rodriguez Pena, but best to be with someone.)

Ambiance: Casual, mostly good level of dancers, party vibe, sit wherever you want or by order of arrival, comfortable for going alone, can get very crowded, popular, not the ideal place to go with a taxi dancer, wide age range but veers on the younger side, has live performances and sometimes live music. Cabaceo can be tricky because of low lighting - best to stand by the bar to get dances and avoid back corner by the DJ booth.