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Yoga For
Tango Dancers

Take your dance to a whole new level


Remove the limitations that are keeping you from improving, and become the dancer you dream of.

Release tension, improve posture, balance, and torsion, develop fluidity in your movement, increase body awareness, cultivate mindfulness, and deepen your connection to your self and your dance partners. Attract the partners you desire and keep them coming back for more!

These are not just random yoga classes.

Through practices that are designed to target the tango dancer's needs, as well as relevent tango exercises and tutorials that connect what you discover about yourself through yoga to your dance, you will experience tango on a whole new level.

You struggle to find your balance when you dance.
Finding your "tango posture" is a never-ending battle.
Your tango teacher tells you to twist more, but you feel like you're at your limit.
It takes you a long time to incorporate new technique into your body.
It feels challenging to express the music in the way you would like to.
You find it hard to move in sync with your partners.
Your followers have a hard time interpreting your lead.
You find it challenging to feel/interpret your leader's proposal.
Your embrace feels rigid, tense or forceful.
Your stride is choppy and stiff.
You feel aches or pain after your dance.
You keep getting the same corrections from your tango teachers.
You are tired of sitting out at the milonga.
Your desired partners don't come back for you a second time.
Your partners only ask you to dance when there are no "better" dancers in the room.
Social dancing makes you anxious
Being at milongas makes you anxious
You have a hard time accepting a no from a dance partner.
You have a deep desire to improve your dance.
You have a deep desire to elevate your mind, body and soul,
on and off the dance floor.

So, what's included in the course?

(12x) thirty-minute Vinyasa Practices

(4x) ten-minute accompanying tango exercises / tutorials

Alignment Break-down + Variations on Vinyasa Tutorial
(To help you stay safe and modify your practice to your needs)

(1x) forty-five-minute yin yoga practice
(for joints, connective tissues, fascia and subtle body awareness)

(1x) fifteen-minute warm-up yoga routine
(to use any time before you dance)

+ Lifetime access to the course classes so you can practice over and over again whenever you like!


(5x) 15-to-20-minute classes from my 5-Day Yoga Challenge
For Tango Dancers

Spotify playlists to accompany your practice
(if you like to practice with music)

9 Poses for Your Tango Feet
(A video break-down of essential poses and how they affect your tango dance)

Tips Vault
(bite-sized tutorials to refine and modify certain poses)
(1x) 60-minute full-body yoga for tango dancers flow
(1x) 60-minute yoga mobility flow
(A dynamic practice to increase range of motion / joint mobility)

"This course has been fabulous. Veronika's wonderful, clear teaching and her ability to give us gentle reminders to breathe or keep our front knee in alignment pointing towards our pinky toe/protect our knees. It's as if she is in the room and can see us!!! To have the Yoga interwoven with Tango is invaluable and will certainly improve my balance, strength and the ability to relax, and be aware of my body when dancing. I wholeheartedly recommend this course."
                                                      - Sharon

"This course saved me in Corona times. I never would have had the discipline to challenge myself alone at home enough to stay healthy and sane. I missed dancing so much in the beginning that all of my body was aching, missed the flow, the energy. My own training made me rather stiff... But with this course soon enough I felt so much better. Every day surprised me with a little success. Would love to continue – and to be able to do a full pigeon one day – though I am 48 already ;-) Thank you so much." 
                                                  - Yvonne

"I never thought I could get so much from an online practice, as much and even more than a "real" yoga class. Even though I don't want to get used to a virtual world, I have to say that this was a surprising and very positive discovery for me. While struggling to find the right teacher and the right time table and while I had issues maintaining a regular practice because of a lot of traveling, I just find with your class and approach something that fits perfectly for me, after years of trials and search and irregularity ! Thank you!"

- Anais

A detailed look at the course curriculum

MODULE 1: Full Body Awakening

2x 30-minute vinyasa practices targeting the full body. For newer yogis these practices introduce some of the basic postures that will be repeated throughout the course. For anyone up for the challenge, variations to these perhaps familiar poses will be offered.

10 Minute alignment break-down of the "vinyasa" part of the practice plus variations to personalize your practice to your needs.

MODULE 2: Hips, Hamstrings, Shoulders

2x 30-minute vinyasa practices to open up the hips, hamstrings and shoulders to support fluid strides, improve posture, release tension and loosen the spine to create comfort in the embrace.

10 Minute Tango Exercise / Tutorial on Alignment and Hip / Shoulder placement

15-Minute Class from 5-day Challenge

MODULE 3: Balance, Strength, Core

2x 30-minute vinyasa practices to improve balance and build core strength to support posture, stability, and lower/upper body coordination.

10 Minute Tango Exercise / Tutorial on stability, alignment and posture

15-Minute Class from 5-day Challenge

MODULE 4: Spinal Flexibility / Torsion

2x 30-minute vinyasa practices to increase mobility in the spine to support torsion and spiral movement, create comfort in the embrace, and release pain or tension in the back.

10 Minute Tango Exercise / Tutorial on torsion

15-Minute Class from 5-day Challenge

MODULE 5: Posture, Quads, Upper Back, Heart Openers

2x 30-minute vinyasa practices to open up hip flexors, upper back and chest, and improve overall posture, release tension, open the heart

10 Minute Tango Exercise / Tutorial

15-Minute Class from 5-day Challenge

MODULE 6: Fluidity, Coordination

2x 30-minute vinyasa practices to find fluidity through graceful transitions, shorter holds, and dynamic movement

20-Minute Class from 5-day Challenge



45-Minute Yin Class for joints, connective tissues, fascia and subtle / energy body awareness 

15 Minute Yoga Pre-Dance Warm-Up

1x 60-Minute Full Body Yoga For Tango Dancers Flow

1x Yoga Mobility FLow

9 Yoga Poses for Your Tango Feet

About Veronika


I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and hold a 200-RYT teacher certification as well as an additional 20-hr Yoga Anatomy certification from Yoga Medicine, 10-hour yoga anatomy and integration training, and 30-hr yin yoga teacher certification. I've been dancing tango since 2005 and have studied with many world-renown instructors, and teaching since 2008.

I started practicing yoga because I was looking for a complimentary body conditioning practice to stay in shape and avoid injury as a dancer and teacher. I have taken A LOT of tango classes over the years and eventually reached a place in my dance where I realized that my limitations were no longer a lack of tango practice or information. It's always great to take more classes and I definitely encourage others to continue studying tango. However, it dawned on me that my limitation was in my body, overall awareness, and whatever emotional and mental state I was hanging on to. The deeper I go into my yoga practice and my understanding of myself, my processes, healing, inquiring, and observing, the deeper I can go in tango. So in a way, yoga is for me, the most advanced tango. 



1. I am not flexible, is this course still for me?

Absolutely! becoming flexible is one of the benefits of taking the course, not a pre-requisite.

Flexibility is acquired with time, patience and consistent practice.

2. I'm new to yoga, will I be able to follow along?

Absolutely! All of the classes, with the exception of the fluidity classes, move at a moderate pace and I offer modifications for a variety of levels. Use your judgement to determine which options are appropriate for you. Never force any thing that does not feel right. Many of the poses are repeated through-out the course, so I promise that with regular practice they will become more familiar. Also remember that yoga is not about achieving perfection in the most advanced pose. It is about what you discover about yourself in the process. In the fluidity section we move at a quicker pace as that is the nature of that theme, so some may find this more challenging than others. If it feels too challenging at the moment, go back to the previous classes and leave the fluidity classes for later.

3. I'm new to tango, will I still get the benefits?

Absolutely! There is never a right or wrong time to add a mind/body practice to your dance training. This course is an excellent preparation for all future tango learning. All of the tango exercises focus on fundamentals that are essential for dancers of any level.

4. I don't have a tango partner, will I still be able to do the

tango exercises?

Absolutely! All of the exercises are primarily solo exercises which can later be adapted when you have a chance to practice with a partner.

5. I am an advanced dancer, will I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely! If you have significant experience with tango, you can always go deeper by heightening your body awareness, practicing mindfulness, and getting to know yourself and your body in all the subtle ways that are not so obvious from the start. In my opinion, yoga is the path towards the most "advanced" experience of tango.

6. I am an advanced yogi, will I still benefit?

Absolutely! While this is not a tutorial on extremely advanced poses, I do offer variations that are sure to provide a challenge for the adventurous yogi. As an experienced yogi you probably already know that you are your ultimate guide in this practice and if you want to take variations that I do not offer, please go ahead and explore. Just try to remember that what makes you an advanced yogi is not putting your body into some pretzel shape, but rather how mindfully you practice.

7. I have an injury, can I still do yoga?

Please consult your doctor first and foremost on what type of exercise is right for you. Then feel free to contact me to discuss your particular injury to see if this course will be okay. While I offer many modifications, I cannot give all the possible modifications in one class, so it is essential that you listen to what feels right in your body and never force anything that creates pain.


Just by purchasing this course your dance will not improve over night. You need to actually commit to the practice. Results can vary depending on how consistent and dedicated you are. Every body is unique and while I've taken every effort to design a series that I believe to be the most beneficial to a tango dancer's needs (based off of my own experience of both yoga and tango, as well as what I see and feel in my students and the people I dance with), you may have other specific needs that I am not aware of. I have done my best to offer some options for various levels but I cannot accommodate every single possible modification in the same class.

Please always remember to listen to your body and what it is asking of you. Do not compare yourself to what you see on the screen or to others who you may be practicing with. It is an important part of the yoga journey to recognize your limit and learn to respect it. With time, patience and dedication that limit will surely change.

I am here to support you as much as I can and I encourage you to reach out and share your doubts and questions. If you are wondering something, chances are that someone else is wondering that too. 

While the core classes in this program are all around 30 minutes (some are a few minutes longer), I have left the Savasana time (final resting "corpse" pose) up to each practitioner to decide so you may want to give yourself around 40 minutes for these practices or longer if you prefer a longer savasana.

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